Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A List for Santa or Christmas Gift Vouchers

Want to avoid getting christmas presents you'd like to return but daren't for fear of offending the giver? Want to make sure that they're the ones you'd buy for yourself given half a chance?

Then just use my Christmas Present Service. Email me for your very own List for Santa, fill it in and send it back to me, then when your nearest and dearest (or even those who aren't, but still want to give you a present) ask you for hints for what you'd like, simply give them my telephone number or email (all explained on the List for Santa). I'll let guide them through your list based on the amount they wish to spend and even gift wrap the item(s) for them. And if they're very generous or want to get together with siblings or friends and spend a lot on you (over £150) then you'll even get the hostess benefits too.

Too rushed at the moment? Don't have time to decide what you want now? Then point your friends and family towards my gift vouchers instead. These are available for any amount from £10 upwards but please note that these are my gift vouchers, not general Stampin' Up! ones and you will need to redeem them through me.

So, what could be easier for them or a better guarantee of a Happy Christmas for you. Just email me now for your List to Santa and details of my Gift Voucher services.

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Elizabeth said...

How CUTE is that little present??? So sweet. X