Friday, 9 January 2009

Cleaning rubber stamps - how (and why) to use the Stampin' Scrub and Mist

Rubber stamps will last you years if you take a little care with them. Now I know that one of those "little care" things is keeping them clean but in the past I still used to leave them for months before having a big cleaning session in one go (after all one of the reasons I craft is to be able to ignore the cleaning, lol). I used to use lots of warm washing up water, a toothbrush and plenty of paper towels. Worked after a fashion but a bit risky. By the time I cleaned them the ink had been on ages and was more difficult to get off and if you get the stamps too wet you can loosen the glue or warp the wood.

Anyway when I joined Stampin' Up! two of the items in the starter kit were the Stampin' Scrub and Mist. These are little life savers and make me feel so virtuous (doesn't happen often :-) ).

When you open the Stampin' Scrub it has two black fibre scrubbing mats. One has a little rain droplet icon at the outside edge - this is the mat you use to spritz and scrub. 

The other has a little umbrella icon - this is the mat you use to dry the stamp. 

You just spritz the mat lightly with the Stampin' Scrub (this formula conditions as well as cleans your rubber stamps) and rub your stamp back and forth over it a few times. Then rub your stamp on the drying side and you're done. The Scrub is big enough to fit the largest Stampin' Up! stamps on it.

As well as helping prolong the life of your stamps and giving you that virtuous feeling, this is a quick and easy way to clean your stamps when you're swapping from one colour to another and don't want to contaminate your inkpads. The fibre mats are removable so that you can rinse them under tap water, air dry them and return them to the Scrub.

Prices (current at date of blog post):

Stampin' Scrub - £11.75
Stampin' Mist (56.6g)  - £2.75
Stampin' Mist refill (226.8g) - £6.25

If you'd like to order any of these then please email me at

Quick and happy cleanin' (now to tackle the housework! Ha ha)

Sara xx

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