Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Some blog awards

My lovely friend Alex has just finished making a wonderful boxed set of Christmas cards as a raffle prize for Macmillan (stop by her blog for a peek and the story behind the winner, heehee). She also recently nominated me for a trio of awards. Thank you Alex for thinking of me, for all your lovely comments and for your friendship.

As I already had one of them (and had already passed it on to others) I think it's probably fair only to pass on the two new ones (it also stops me getting too confused and sending an award to the same person, lol).

The awards didn't seem to come with any instructions so I'm passing them on to the following fantastic crafters with my thanks for all their inspiration:

And now I'm off to steal designs from them, that's a fair trade isn't it? Lol.

Sara xx


JanJ said...

Aww thanks Sara for thinking of me, it's always lovely to get an award and you're more than welcome to case any of my designs anytime, I'd be chuffed to bits!

Thanks again

Jan xx

yvonne said...

Thank you soooo much , this is truly kind of you .. and i say .. YES , go ahead , fair trade :) thank you so much for this wonderful award.

Crafty Dawn said...

Awh thanx Sarah so sweet of you to think of me, your more than welcome if you can pick anything up from me. (such a great crafter your self) I will pop it up in the next couple of days Thanx again

Love Dawn xx

I will pop round to the other ladies blogs too I am sure they are worth visiting xx

JJ said...

Fantastic - Ooohh, thank you!

Love the colours your gerbera card - the flowers look great too. Brilliant technique!