Friday, 24 June 2011

New toys to play with

Err, I mean new tools to work with ... lol!

I just had to share what Mr UPS man brought me today. This was my birthday present to myself, aided and abetted by SU!

You can find this die set on page 8 of the Mini Catalogue but the product info doesn't do it justice IMHO:

What you don't get from the catalogue (though it is there in brackets under he price), is that the set of dies come housed in their own little box so that you can keep them together and make sure that none of the letters get lost. And at the back of the box is a cardboard insert:

Remove that and you can pop your other sizzlit dies in for safekeeping (even though they're not long enough to fill the space entirely).

Now I've got all the letters in upper and lower case, all the numbers and a few extra shapes too. Can't wait to play with these now!

BTW although this is one of our most expensive items, I got £'s discount off (in addition to my normal demo discount) as a birthday present from Stampin' Up! How fabulous a company is this to work with - love it!

If you'd like to know more about the birthday discount offer and other ways that you can save on big ticket items by becoming a demo, then please get in touch.

Back soon.

Sara xx


Jan said...

I knew you would get this!!! Your such a tease - I want my birthday to come now. It's not often us ladies want our birthdays to hurry up and come, is it?

I love being an SU demo - Roll on august.

Jan x

Elizabeth said...

SNAP! I got this with my birthday discount too! Now I just have to find some time to play with it! :)

Mary said...

This is a great tool - I just love mine - every child now has their name and age on all their cards without me having to spend hours of painful hand cutting.