Sunday, 3 April 2011

News from my hostess evening and Mini Launch Party

Happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there. Just thought I'd post a quick share from this weekend's events. It's been really busy in the best possible way. Friday night I had a hostess party. This is a special event for everyone who has been a hostess for me, either holding a workshop in their home or a virtual hostess through my Stampers 6 club. All of my previous hostesses from the last few months got an invite package like the one above, containing an advance copy of the Mini catty, their invite (posted previously here) and a little wrapped choccie biccie.

When they arrived they found the table all set with little treats. Everyone got to ooh and aah over the lush new products, we all made a couple of projects (a card and a 3d item) and we had a good old chinwag (I found out I went to school with the husband of one of the ladies, small world isn't it?). So we went a bit over time ... again, heehee.

Some of my hostesses couldn't make it, due to sickness, other commitments or because they live too far away. I get their treats to them after the event to make sure that they don't miss out.

Would you like to come along to my next hostess party? Then email me to book your workshop date in my diary or join my Stampers 6 group (details here) and you too could be getting treats like these soon.

Yesterday was my Mini Launch Party and it was great to get together with existing friends and meet some new faces. Everyone got a flower lollipop and a goodie bag - a little like the invite bag above but containing the Mini catty, some card blanks, DSP samples, ribbon and a free stamp.

I had a brilliant time (still can't believe I get paid for doing this, lol), the ladies told me they'd loved it and we raised £27 for Cavendish Cancer Care. Thanks ladies!

I got DH to draw the door prize when I got home last night. If I'd thought on I could have asked little Katie to do it while we were still altogether but never mind. So drum roll please ....

... and the winners are ...

1st prize ...


2nd prize ...


I'll put your prizes in with your orders ladies.

Today we've been visiting our Mums to let them know how much they mean to us both. I shared DH's card to his Mum here but please pop back tomorrow and I'll share the card I made for my Mum.

Sara xx

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Yvonne said...

How lovely does this new cat look. Your ladies were truly treated by you!
Long time blogging from me.. but had to come by and say HI xx