Monday, 15 March 2010

Back from holiday and straight onto a training course

Hi all

A very quick post today just to explain why I haven't commented on your creations recently and why I've been so quiet over on the ILWS forum.

On Saturday night I got back from two weeks holiday in Malta - I know, lucky me! It was fabulous, a real pampered break in a gorgeous 5 star, all inclusive hotel - the Fortina Spa. The weather the first week was great, sunny skies and t-shirt temperatures. The second week we had a fair bit of rain but it was still warmer than back home and it gave me a chance to read and to use the spa facilities.

I managed to snap some beautiful photos while we were out and about sightseeing the first week, so I've no excuse for not scrapbooking now. It'll be a great excuse to break into one of my Scrappin' kits.

I scheduled a bunch of posts for while I was away and thank you to all of you who have commented. Hope the scheduling at least provided some continuity and a bit of inspiration while I was away.

The worst thing about the holiday? I didn't have enough luggage allowance to take any crafting with me! I needed it all for clothes and cameras. Two weeks without crafting - it's been such a killer. The closest I got while I was out there was buying this beautiful calligraphy set:

I hope to use this to add some fancy journaling to my scrapbooking.

Anyway, down to earth with a bump this week. After a quick stop by my Mum's for Mother's Day yesterday it was straight off to Cardiff for me where I'll be all week for a training course. DH says his missing me already bless him but I secretly think he'll enjoy the peace and quiet after two weeks away with me, lol. And he's always got Bess for company, who's a complete Mrs Lovington now she's back to getting so much fuss and attention.

Still limited crafting and internet for me this week but if please stop by again tomorrow and I'll share my Mum's Mother's day card and gift with you.

Thanks for dropping in.

Sara xx

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Biscuitlid said...

oooh what a fab holiday it sounds like. Glad you enjoyed a good pamper whilst you were there too