Thursday, 30 July 2009

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible ...

We've had a bit of a setback with Bess (our recently rescued Staffie). Unfortunately when we got back from Harrogate at the weekend, her allergy had really flared up again. Poor Mum and Dad didn't know how to settle her and they're used to dogs. 

We're having to sit with her almost 24*7 at the moment to keep her from scratching herself to ribbons and biting bald spots on her paws and legs. The vet has taken skin scrapings today to test for allergies and he's given us a spray which we're hoping will soothe her and calm her down. 

Needless to say - I'm not able to get any crafting done just at the moment. I'll be back blogging and sharing just as soon as Bess improves but in the meantime I hope that you have happy holidays and that the sun shines for you.

Sara xx


Teri said...

Awwww Sara ... poor Bess! I can imagine how stressful it is for you all. My Lily is having a heck of an itchy scratchy time of it too at the moment. She's got one completely bald foot and is doing her best to get the other one looking the same! It's a nightmare trying to keep her from chewing them!

I hope Bess gets sorted very soon.

Much Love

Teri xx

Alex said...

I do hope Bess is on the road to recovery soon :)

Bye for now,

Alex x

margaret said...

Poor little doggie. I hope she gets better soon. xxx

Heather x said...

Oh I do feel for you Sara, our Yorkshire Terrier (no longer with us) used to suffer from allegies, he was alergic to dog shampoo, flee spray, flee collars the list was endless. Its not nice when they are upset and there is nothing you can do to help them....hope Bess feels better very soon x
*hugs* Heather x

simplyfairies said...

Awww nooooo sara, thats awful, what are you feeding her, my friend staffie had an allergie to wet meat dog food, and now its diet is dry dog food, and no more allergy!! worth giving it a try!!

Alex said...

Hi Sara,

I know you're not blogging much at the moment, but I do hope things are looking up with Bess.

Just wanted to pass on a triple blog award to you because I love visiting your blog for inspiration. Please pop by my blog for details.

Have a good weekend.

Bye for now,

Alex x

Nicki said...

Oh poor thing! hope Bess is better soon, must be awful for her?
take care