Thursday, 23 July 2009

Another blog award

A great big thank you to Teri for winging this gorgeous award my way. It's such a pretty design and always so lovely to be nominated by another crafter who's work you admire. So thanks Teri, for such a terrific compliment.

Here are the rules for this award:
1.# By accepting this award you recognize that the giver ‘LIKES YOUR STYLE’.
2.# You agree to display this award proudly on your site, and include a post linking back to the giver.
3.# And because there are so many bloggers out there whose style you like, you will share this award with them… however many that may be.

I've picked a different set of bloggers to those that I sent the last award to, so if you're not on this list it doesn't mean I don't admire you :-)

Here then are the bloggers whose style I very much admire this time around:

Emma (who also has candy!)

I do hope that you'll go and check out their blogs.

Sara xx

1 comment:

Emma said...

Awh thank you so much Sara and for the mention of the candy too. Your name will be put in the hat.

I have been so lucky to receive such kind words and encoruagement.

Thanka again,

Emma x