Saturday, 18 July 2009

A blog award for the weekend

Sorry for being absent for a few days. To make up a little I'm posting twice today and I'm back to my regular Design Team post for Stamp With Us tomorrow (they gave us a week off for good behaviour last week).

The theatre was OK on Wednesday evening. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to be honest, but that's probably my own fault. My knowledge of Singin' in the Rain is pretty much confined to the Morecombe and Wise version, the stage production was a little different. There was nothing too wrong with it but it just didn't seem to have that theatre magic that night. Hope I don't spoil it for anyone who's planning to go, I'm sure that you'll still enjoy it.

It was DH's birthday Thursday (see post later today for his card) and then we've been running around for my Mum and Dad a little. Dad's so much better but not allowed to do heavy jobs (which is frustrating him no end) so DH has mowed the lawn and I've been getting my Mum set up with her iphone (she's loving it, she feels so much more connected).

The wonderful Jan has kindly nominated me for this award:

I'm to choose five more Beautiful Bloggers to pass this on to. 

(drumroll please) 

... and the award goes to:

I stop by all of these blogs regularly for inspiration. They all make wonderful creations that I cheerfully adapt and use (hope you don't mind ladies!). The nominated Jan hasn't been blogging long (she's my downline and new to the world of blogging, though not crafting) and I love the boxes that she's been making.

Now ladies if you're willing to play along (and I do appreciate if you don't have time) then you post the award on your own blog, let people know who nominated you and nominate 5 new beautiful bloggers (linking to us all).

Have a great weekend all.

Sara xx


Teri said...

Thank you Sara :o) I'm dead chuffed that you thought of me xxxx

Teri xx

JJ said...

Oh Sara, I am gobsmacked. Thank you!!!
Ps. You do realise that you will have to let me know what I have to do now (lol).

Alex said...

Thanks Sara for this blog award, it's lovely that you've thought of me :)

Have a good week.

Alex x