Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mini cracker twist box tutorial

This mini choc box is just big enough to hold a couple of Ferraro Rocher chocolates.

I've made tutorial box in a pale colour with score lines drawn in a dark colour so that you can see them clearly. Don't mark the end piece score lines on your own box or they will show when the box is finished (as you can see in the photo below).

Cardstock of choice
Scoring tool
1/2" Circle Punch
Stamp set/embellishments of choice

The cardstock is cut to 14cm x 15cm. Along the long edge, score at 3.5cm, 7cm, 10.5cm and 14cm. Along the short edge, score at 3.5cm and 10.5cm. I have cut the end piece flaps away so that there is less bulk when folding the ends but you can leave these in place if you wish. Score the ends as shown and use the 1/2" Circle punch to create the holes as shown. Fold along all score lines. It's easier to add any flat decoration to the outside of the box at this stage.

On the outside of the flap (the reverse side as shown in the photo) apply Sticky Strip, form into a square tube and fasten.

Push the centre of each square edge into the centre to form a cross shape as shown here.

This is the difficult bit to describe. Twist the cross, pushing each point to the next corner along (either clockwise or anti-clockwise).

As you do so, unfold from the centre.

Repeat at the other end to form your box.


Sara xx


Tany Sol said...

Great box!

AshKuku said...

Perfect.... was looking forward to it....... U do it so well... may be I would waste my paraphernalia a little, before I master in it....

Happy Celebrations!!!


~ Ali ~ said...

Super creation and tutorial Sara. TFS.