Thursday, 17 December 2009

The dreaded lurgy and a heating breakdown but a couple of bright spots to balance it out

It's a bit of bleak week so far but I'm hopeful that things are picking up.

On Tuesday night I started with the dreaded lurgy. Trouble is, it's on top of sinusitis and so I'm in a lot of pain with it and had to miss our Christmas meal at work yesterday. I also feel too poorly to craft, which is never a good sign but I'm just back from the doctors and have some antibiotics to take care of that.

Then last night our central heating broke down. Thank goodness we have a Homecare agreement - I reported it first thing this morning and the engineer is working on that one right now.

On the plus side the lovely (and very funny) Suzie Q nominated me for this award:

Thanks Suzie pet, so sweet of you to think of me (or was it thought association). Her facts were hilarious, don't think I'll be able to top those.

There are a few rules that have to be followed with this award and here they are.

1. Copy this award to your blog
2. Link to the person who gave you this award
3. Identify 7 interesting facts about yourself
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to pass this award on to
5. Link to their blogs
6. Leave them a comment to let them know about this award

So, 7 interesting facts ...

1) I'm a PADI Advanced Scuba diver and did my training in the Red Sea (much clearer and warmer than Stoney Cove though I've dived there too). I've been on wreck dives and also done night dives with scorpion fish following my torch. It has been a few years now though since my last dive (I have problems clearing my ears these days).

2) I've eaten Alpaca and frogs legs (separately, not at the same sitting). But I won't eat anything that tastes mouldy or slimey, so that's mushrooms, shellfish and blue cheese out the window.

3) I share my birthday with Elizabeth Hurley but she's a year older than me. You can tell can't you?

4) I married my current husband (keep him on his toes) on the island of Hawaii, at sunset. I'm planning to go back for our tenth wedding anniversary in a few years time - with or without him. (Bless him, he's a sweetie really - let's me buy lots of crafting goodies).

5) I've been down a salt mine. When we visited friends in Poland we went down the mine at Wieliczka and saw all the little statues and carvings that the miners made to entertain themselves on their rest breaks.

6) I've swum with dolphins. We swam with dolphins at the Dolphin Research Centre in the Florida Keys. A great place that rescues injured or retired dolphins (retired as in used to work in dolphin shows).

7) I've robbed a bank ... OK maybe I haven't done that, but perhaps I need to, to fund the next lot of interesting facts and my crafting habit.

I'm passing this award on to:

There you go ladies. Can't wait to read all your interesting facts.

The other bright spot on the horizon is that we have Sale-a-bration on the way. Free stamps! There'll be a chance to get hold of exclusive free stamp sets from 30 December 2009 through to 28 Feb 2010. I'll be back later with full details and a few special bundles to help you get the most out of this offer.

Sara xx


Biscuitlid said...

oooh thanks very much indeed! Will pop on my blog tomorrow. Really enjoyed reading your 7 things. Sorry to hear about the sinusitus, had it myself a while back and it's proper unpleasant and so painful.

Try popping a few menthol crystals in a bowl of hot water and doing the breathe in tent thing = my Dr recommended it in line with the anti bs and it really helped.


~ Ali ~ said...

Thanks Sara for thinking of me :D will have a think and post it on my blog soon. Get well hugs coming your way, take care.

Suzie Q said...

Hi Sara
love your interesting facts they are fab! sounds like you have been having a rough time hope it has all cleared up now
hope your christmas was good and santa bought you loads!
suzie Qx